Season 12 DWTS Cast

28 02 2011

By now you know- ABC loves shameless program synergy. So, I bet you’re happy that you had to tune into the Bachelor to find out the new cast for the season 12 Dancing with the Stars.

Those of you who didnt fall for it… here’s the cast list:

  • Chelsea Kane -another synergy with Disney (parent co.)
  • Chris Jericho – wrestler…right?
  • Hines Ward – made a highlight reel Superbowl catch a few years back.
  • Kendra – playboy still milking it!
  • Kirsty Alley – trying the DWTS diet.
  • Mike Catherwood – love doctor and radio host
  • Petra Nomcova – supermodel, first to go.
  • Ralph Maccio – wax on, wax off!
  • Romeo – no dancing background? please.
  • Sugar Ray Leonard – an impressive ‘get’ for DWTS.
  • Wendy Williams – daytime TV Queen (well, besides Oprah and Gayle)


The new season premieres on March 21st…on ABC (no kidding!)




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