American Idol Tuesday: Top 12 Boys

1 03 2011

I hope you didn’t miss the timechange… American Idol now begins it’s week on tuesday night, and runs through til Thursday night. Mark it on your calendars, it’s kind of a big deal.

Tonight, the Top 12 Boys graced the stage for the first time this season. Have you noticed something a little different…besides the fact that it’s tuesday and you’re watching Idol? They are in a bigger studio, and it ain’t live. It looked live, but it wasn’t. Neither is tomorrow night’s show… both were pre-taped. Why do I feel like it has something to do with the unpredictable newbies on the judging panel. The show has to go live at SOME point… time to get used to it!

In the past, there have been groups of boys, and groups of girls ( 8 in each group) comprising a Top 32. Of the top 32, there were only ever a few standouts… and the rest were time-fillers. This year, the Top 24 will become the Top 10 all in one fell-swoop. Drama!

That being said, I expected the guys to come out guns blazing ready to fight to the death for their spot in the Top 10. Since the talent this year seemed far and beyond previous years… I quite literally felt like tonight would be a monumental epoch in Idol history. Tonight would be the night that every single performer would bring his A-game, and this would be a dead-heat race.

But, much like the previous seasons… there were simply not enough stand out performances to make this a close call. There were shining moments, but I could count them on one hand… incidentally, that’s all it’ll take to make the Top 10.

Here’s how I would rank the group tonight:

Awesome: Casey , Clint, James, Paul

Alright: Tim, Scottie, Jacob, Jovani

Awful: Brett, Robbie, Stefano, Jordan

Don’t send me hate mail, or fill my inbox with viagra spam… this is just my opinion. I expect that the Awesome 4 will make it through…and one of the Alright 4 will sneak in (likely Scottie or Jacob). I would also like to take this moment to say… Casey Abrams is my Idol. I said it the day of his audition, and I stand behind it. He is… an unbelievable raw talent and by FAR my favourite person of the week.

I can’t wait for tomorrow night when the Top 12 Girls face off!




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