American Idol Wednesday: Top 12 Girls

2 03 2011

It’s ladies night on American Idol!

Lat night, the boys did their thing… now it’s time for the girls to do their ‘Thang!

I SO wanted them to bring it… to prove to me that this isnt a run away for the guys this season. Could the ladies rise to the occasion?

Some of them certainly ate the right Wheaties this morning…

Here’s my problem with many of the female contestants – there’s too much mimic. Too many of these girls want so badly to be Mariah, Kelly, Christina, Whitney, Alicia… that they’ve spent the better part of the past few years practicing lengthy vocal runs infront of their mirrors, and not enough time developing their own style.

We dont need another Mariah, Whitney or Alicia…we’ve got ’em. We’ve heard it all before, and we are now looking for something NEW! Do … You!

In my opinion, here’s my assessment of the performances tonight:

Awesome: Thia, Pia, Karen, Lauren A, Naima

Alright: Kendra, Haley, AShthon, Lauren T

Awful: Tatanisia, Rachel, Julie

So tomorrow night, 5 guys and 5 girls will make it directly into the Top 10. The judges will then select 1 girl and 1 guy to join them as ‘wildcards‘. Thus, your Top 12 will be born!




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