American Idol: Revealing the Top 10

3 03 2011

At least that’s how it was billed. Tonight, we would see our Top 10 Idols for this season.

But in reality, America chose 10 singers. The judges then made up their own rules, and chose 3 more to join the group…making a nice round Top 13.

This decision came after a 2 hour performance/wildcard showdown, product placement, inane Seacrest questions, a new J-Lo video, and candid ‘looking back’ vignettes.

So the Top 5 Guys were:

  • Casey
  • Scottie
  • James
  • Paul
  • Jacob

The Top 5 Girls were:

  • Thia
  • Haley
  • Karen
  • Pia
  • Lauren A

The judges then selected 6 singers to re-perform ‘for their lives’ (I love how that line is now part of our collective social vernacular thanks to these competition shows…)

Singing for life or death… Jovani, Stefano, Robbie and Naima, Kendra, Ashthon

You would assume, one girl and one guy would make it. But this is a new era. This is a new panel. There are no such thing as ‘following the norm’. That’s right…whatever J-Lo says goes. And J-Lo wants you to watch her video, and send 3 people to the Top 13.

That’s mean… I’m sure The Dawg and The Lips gave their two cents.

So add to the Top 10… Ashton, Stefano and Naima.




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