Celebrity Apprentice: The Premiere

6 03 2011

The Apprentice is a unique format that lends itself very well to ‘Celebrity’ editions. Trump fell upon this revival of his series a few years back, and has been going strong..collecting old celebs in need of a career rebirth along the way.

This season… the ‘celebrities’ involved are all inspired choices. There are only one or two names I’ve NEVER heard of (even IMDB had a hard time jogging my memory…) but those are (surprisingly) the rarities in the bunch. In fact, this cast is putting the DWTS celebs to shame.

The girls team is strong… the name is not. ASAP, I’m not even going to TRY and explain the acronym. You can fill it in however you see fit. But tehre are some strong women on this team. Star Jones – say what you want, the woman can get it done! Lisa Rinna – big lips, big personality. The legendary Dionne Warwick, Marlee Matlin, and throw in a few ex-models, one of the Jacksons and reality stars to round out the team.

The men are an equally as interesting team…with a far better name. Backbone. I like it. Leading the pack this week was the original Survivor villain (and felon) Richard Hatch, 70’s rock and pop sensations: Meatloaf and David Cassidy. Rapping icon (and felon) Lil John, Doping tattle-taler Jose Canseco (I guess the Situation was busy), a country singer and nut-job Gary Busey are the other highlights.

Both teams were challenged to make and sell pizza in the heart of NYC. This wasn’t your everyday Pizza and a Pop for $2.99. Everyone was forced to call in ‘favours’ from their respective celeb friends – people who are likely more famous and successful than they are! Some people have trouble doing this…. I wonder why?

In the end, everyone hates Richard, everyone hates Star… but the Women’s team obliterated the Men’s team, so the claws were retracted, for now.

Richard proved how unlikable he really is and just got through by the skin of his teeth. Mr Strategy, Mr Gameplay…in my opinion,  his reign as the Grand Master of Reality competition is over. Sometimes you have to MAKE friends BEFORE you stab them in the back.

In any case, the small guy with the big friend couldn’t get over Richard throwing sand on him at the playground. David Cassidy was FIRED because of his apparent weakness. I think Trump just cant pass on the chance for drama down the road. David did not have that potential.




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6 03 2011
Richard Hatch

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7 03 2011
Celebrity Apprentice: The Premiere « TV Night Blog | Top News Portal

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