The Bachelor: Women Tell All

7 03 2011

Still waiting for the Women to Tell All.

The women say the SAME thing every season. This process is emotionally draining. Real connections are made. Real hearts are broken. I learned so much from this experience. The cliches are too many to count.

I don’t know what I expect from this show, explainations arent really necessary. We all know this show is ‘created’ for monday night drama. I can automatically assume the ‘crazy girls’ are fabricated in many respects, and that the drama in the house is a product of too much time spent in a house with over 20 women. Brad has little to do with that. He’s just the bait and hook. The prize. He could just as easily be money or a mirrorball trophy.

What I DID learn tonight, was that Michelle is much nicer and unassuming woman than I ever expected. In fact, most girls made themselves look worse tonight… where asMichelle redeemed herself a bit. I get her now. She was a sarcastic oddity in a house of mostly childish girls.

Big news of the night was the may-jor makeover Ashley showed up with tonight. Raven Brown locks, short fringe, apple red lips, and girl’s been hittin’ the gym. It was the smokin’ hot revenge makeover… and Brad fell totally victim.

It has been widely speculated that Ashley will take the reigns in the next season as the Bachelorette. Could that be the reason for the visual upgrading? probably.

So next week is the finale, where Brad has promised that he will find and propose to his wife. Will it be Emily, or Chantel? Who’s the lucky lady, and who will end up on next year’s Bachelor Pad?




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