American Idol: March 10 Results

11 03 2011

Well, the American Idol Results Show format hasnt changed much.

Really Nigel…really?

Like we need to see the Idols in a corny, potentially career ending Ford commercial? It’s embarassing. Just as embarassing, is the product integration. We get it. Coke sponsors, Ford sponsors, and any movie/TV show that Fox is involved with gets a mention and a video piece.

They hardly had time to ‘fit in’ the results…

They came upon us really fast, Ryan didnt even make it to the final half of the group before pulling the bottom 3.

The Bottom 3 was no real surprise: Karen, Ashthon and Lauren.

Remembering that Ashthon didnt have enough votes to land her in the Top 13 if it werent for hte judges, It was also not surprising that she was the lowest vote-getter last night. She also picked a horrific song, and nobosy stopped her form singing it (whos fault is that? inexperienced girl, or seasoned record producer?)

She was forced to compose herself and sing ‘for her life’…which, seesm a little patronizing considering the judges get ONE save per season…and it aint gonna be on the first night.

She sang…the same song that got her there, and was gracefully rejected by the judges.

So Ashthon is the first Idol to fall.




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