Celebrity Apprentice: March 13

14 03 2011

Since when did Celebrity Apprentice become must-watch TV on a Sunday night?

Trump may as well run for President, he’s got a golden touch!

The group he has put together to compete for the ‘ultimate title of Apprentice’ is one for the books. Last night all claws were out on the Women’s side, and all ego’s were bruised on the men’s side. Such great TV.

The teams had to create and perform a Childrens book, which included at elast one of them as the book’s character. To me, this seemed really simple, because there were so many character options: Meatloaf, Lips Rinna, Lil Jon, lil Latoya Jackson, Playboy Bunny…

It wasnt quite that simple.

The women urged Lisa to take on the role of Project Manager… and after much begrudging, she stepped up. On the other side , Meatloaf was only happy to step up in lieu of his association with a Children Charity. His main task would be, how to include Gary without giving the children night terrors for a month.

If there is one person you KNOW you’re gonna hate throughout this season, it’s Star Jones. If there was one person you thought you were going to LOVE on this season, it would be Dionne Warwick…the legend. You would be wrong on the latter. Who knew Dionne Warwick was such a curmudgeonly hothead with the temperment of a stubborn cat. Wowza. She’s a reall pice of work that one! And along with her equally as difficult to manage counterparts, Rinna had a circus to run if she was ever going to win this task.

Gary Busey may be crazy, but he’s got strong influences around him that keep him in check. Mark McGrath really took on a management role in this episode, John Rich is super creative, Meatloaf is passionate, Canseco is more useless than you might think,and Lil Jon is less crazy than you might think.

In the end, The Men won the challenge, and Meatloaf wept like a softy.

I wouldve been weeping if I was Rinna. I’ve never championed her as a celebrity, but I really felt for this woman last night. She was up against two angry, competitive women in Star and Dionne, and no one had her back. Most just sat back and watched the carnage.

Lisa Lips Rinna was ultimately fired.




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