Celebrity Apprentice: March 20

21 03 2011

Donald Trump is a smart man for many reasons. The first being, putting his amazing cast of Celebrities to work on Sunday nights in Celebrity Apprentice.

I love my sunday nights again.

Amazing Race, 2 hours of Apprentice… it’s ridiculously smart planning. Monday nights and Wednesday nights are saturated enough already…thank you, for spreading the weekly entertainment!

Now let’s get to it.

Celebrities and camping dont go together. Just ask Oprah and Gayle. But this week, the Celebs had to create a camping dispay for CampingWorld (sounds like a backwoods destination in a Chevy Chase movie…doesnt it?)

The PM’s were: Gary Busey and the Ex Model Niki.

Gary Busey has problems, it’s not a secret. He revealed that he had a massive motorcycle accidnet that cracked his skull a decade or two back… but is that the explaination for his insanity? He’s the less sexy Charlie Sheen. His rants are just as mind boggling and verging on grounds for an intervention . So the men had to pretend the man was in charge and just do ‘their thing’ with jhim as the face of the project. The real leaders are emerging… Meatloaf (affectionately nicknamed ‘Meat’. of course) and John Rich. Theya re holding the team together, and getting the tasks done… no help whatesoever from Lugnut Canseco.

On the womens side… it doesnt matter who the projec manager is on paper… the PM is always Star Jones with backing from Dionne Warwick (the ice queen) and the minion Latoya Jackson. The only independants are Marly and her quick wit, and Nene with her sarcasm. It’s a fun group… but it will rarely win a challange due it’s dynamics and lack of leadership.

No surprise, the Ex Model was a weak PM. And in spite of Gary and Censeco, the men pulled out another solid win.

In the boardroom, many women called out Dionnes lack of work ethic, Stars bully attitude and the weak Ex model links. In the end, Niki the PM put herself on the chopping block…and was axed.

Just another Sunday Night Apprentice



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