DWTS: Season 12 Premiere

22 03 2011

Ready for another season of DWTS?

How did this show become must-see TV in every demographic? Especially when it continues to draw only the ‘personalities’ that have been unemployed for decades, or are working on a project no one has heard of, or their name sounds only vaguely familiar and your teenager has to Wiki them.

Whatever it is… it doesnt take away from the cold hard fact: I love this show.

Luckily for the new contestants, DWTS has adopted the First-Week-Freebie format, whereby everyone gets a free pass into the second week. This would prove to be a god-send for most dancers last night!

Let’s get started…

Disney Girl – yes, another one. Her biggest claim to fame is that she’s TV-kissed a Jonas brother. So… why didnt they get Miley Cyrus? Anyhooo – she’s got loads of potential, she knows how to follow choreography and she’s got a Julianne Hough smile… she should be fine for awhile.

Wendy Williams – I thought she was going to be a force to reckon with… battle of the ballroom divas between her and Kirsty Alley. I was SO wrong. This woman has some serious inferiority issues. As soon as she wasnt comfortable in her space, she withered into a wallflower. It’s always pathetic to see a grown woman cry into her $6,000 weave.

Hines Ward – Keep your eye on him. He’s another footballer-turned-dancer that could be in it to win it. Not only is he charming and actually a household name, he has hip action already!

Kendra- She will have the moves, it aint quite there yet. I can also see her being a contender as one of the more famous names in the group (go figure) and Heff cheering her on from the seats with his newest add-on.

Karate Kid– shocker of the night… the Karate Kid is 50?!?! Not only is that emotionally depressing to me as a tween in the 90’s… but the guy looks like he’s 30 at most. Hey Wendy, get HIS plastic surgeons number. I kid I kid. For the first night…this guy was awesome. He has emerged as the front runner among the men for sure.

Sugar Ray- the token old-guy of the season? He doesnt look it! Unfortunately, he dances like an old-guy. He lacks finesse and fluidity, and although he has legendary status…I don’t see him making it very far in THIS competition.

Dr.Love– Well…he has personality. That’s about all I can say about him. He is the perfect fit for Lacey- theya re both quirky and fun…. but unless she can pull of a miracle, she’ll need to find another job next month. Just sayin.

Chris Jericho – remember him? He used to be the Hottie of the WWE world when people still considered it a sport. He likes to think of himself as the ultiamte showman. That did not translate as well as I wouldve thought on the dancefloor. He has potential, I’ll give him that. But he really needs to cut the cheeseball faces and leather get-ups.

Romeo- His dad is the infamous Master P. Those of you who have watched the show from it’s earlies days will remember that trainwreck of a casting decision. So Romeo was definitely a step up! He’s fit, young, fresh and if he doesnt take himself too seriosuly, he’ll do well in this competition.

Model- She is… a model. Tall, long limbed and fresh-faced. This bodes well for ballroom dances like the waltz and the foxtrot…but it will be interesting to see how she can ‘move’ when faced with a latin or american dance.

Kirsty Alley– face it. we all thought Kirsty Alley was going to be awful. We were all wrong, and I’ll be the first to give much respect to Kirsty Alley today. The woman is carrying over 50 extra pounds but she can MOVE! She has control of her body, she kept up with Maks the whole time and has a personality. What’s not to love about that?!

Thoughts? early favourites?

I can see potential in alot of the dancers, and with 8 hour-a-day dancing schedules… we will see some massive improvements next week.




2 responses

23 03 2011
Tom Steward

Thanks for keeping me up to date. Off to the US in April and can’t wait to get caught up with this show. Just watched Kirstie Alley on YouTube. Always been a huge fan of her’s and she is completely stunning as a dancer and TV contestent.

23 03 2011
C Sheppard

She is certainly going for it, the woman stole the show this week! Thanks for tuning in…visit anytime.

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