American Idol: Top 11

24 03 2011

It was Motown night for the Idol Top 11, making for another entertaining wednesday night.

Stars are emerging, the problem is… there are no clear winners at this point. Not that it’ a ‘problem’, but this season is going to be difficult to predict, and to say goodbye to talented singers. Such is life…

Let’s get to last night:


  • Casey – the man has SOUL!
  • Jacob- another power performance, he looks so profession it kills me!
  • Pia- Barbara Streisand pipes and a pretty face, she’ll go far in this competition and beyond.
  • James– is really starting to shine, and ladies are lovin him!
  • Naima – emerged as an artists last night, completely crafting a full performance to fit her style.
  • Paul – a better song choice and his guitar made for a much better showing of his talent.


  • Haley – I just don’t ever truly enjoy her vocal acorbatics, that may be just me.
  • Stefano – i love him, but he did NOT have a great performance last night. Time to rebound!
  • Lauren- I wouldnt say she was a ‘low’ light, but not a highlight either. Somewhere in the middle I guess.
  • Thia- tried to go ‘upbeat’ but it came out a bit lacklustre and lacking.
  • Scottie– is a COUNTRY singer. That’s it. He tried….

The theme has been an Idol staple for many seasons, and it seems to bring out the best in people overall. I am also loving the new addition of haveing real producers help them in their selection and arrangement of song. No more bringing in Miley Cyrus to give ‘advice’!



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