Weekly TV Break

24 03 2011

The TV Night Blog is taking a very brief hiatus… One week, that’s all folks!

I will be experiencing the joys of flip flops, sandy expanses and sunburns instead of windburns.

As a TV fanatic, deep down… I will also have the anxiety of missing my favourite shows. My PVR is set, but I mostly enjoy watching these shows unfold in real time…with the rest of the TV-Watching world.

Most people would say ‘don’t tell me what happened!’, but I am leaving this post open to YOU this week. TELL me what happened on the shows!

I want you to watch and tell!


– Will Kirsty Alley continue to dominate on the dancefloor?

– Who will be the first eliminated?

American Idol:

– What is the theme this week?

– When will the first male contestant crack the bottom 3?


– Will Matt continue to beat out the redemption island castoffs?

Greys Anatomy:

– What’s the deal with Little Grey hooking up with Hot Doc?

– Is the Chiefs wife going to be admitted?

… and all the rest!

All questions I will need answered… thank you for your participation TV fans! I will see you all again, in a week’s time.




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