American Idol: April 6th Results

8 04 2011

I’m not always happy with the results on American Idol. But I respect democracy.

Today, I’m more than unhappy… I’m completely befuddled and disappointed with my fellow Idol watchers/voters.

There were only 3 girls in the Top 9 ( that’s like 30 percent…fyi) and that was before last nights elimination. Of the 3 girls ramaining, only one of them (in my humble opinion) was worthy and had an honest SHOT at the title. That would be Pia. The other two, have been in the bottom before, and have narrowly escaped elimination… but have had some recent success.

Let me get right to it… shocker of the season (becuase the save is no longer in place) Pia went home.

Even more shocking than the Casey elimination and save. Yes, I said it. Because Pia had no second chance, and no fair warning. The wrong girl went home tonight, and it’s certainly a kick in the teeth for such a talented singer to leave before her time.

Now, I would argue that both Hayley and Lauren will benefit from this ousting. They will pick up many of the voters Pia lost… and will stay long PAST their due.

What did you think? Am I off base, was it really Pia’s time?




4 responses

8 04 2011
L sharer

I totally agree! It was very upsetting. And I still dont get why Paul survives. He is cute but very limited in singing talent and in range of songs he can do. Guess he is popular with the tweens

8 04 2011
C Sheppard

I have a feeling it is the tween vote that is ruling at this point: Scottie, Lauren even Paul are going to make it further than most wouldve predicted!

9 04 2011

i love pia more than the two other girls and much more than the three boys… i feel sad for her. i think the judges need to be careful with the way they comment because they could somehow influence the voting. i think it was too soon for the judges to have used the save privilege… pia would have been saved had they waited a little longer because she deserved the top spot. i hoped then, that she would be the next american idol. now my hope is foregone.

10 04 2011
C Sheppard

thanks for your comments -! I don’t think we have to worry about Pia… she likely got a record deal the instant she was ‘free’ and we’ll see more from her very soon 🙂

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