Celebrity Apprentice: April 10

11 04 2011

If you’re NOT watching Celebrity Apprentice – you are seriously missing out on D-List drama as you’ve never witnessed before.

I kid you not.

Charlie Sheen has NOTHING on Gary Busey. And that’s the truth.

Last night, the teams had to design a marketing extension for a sunblock company… in the middle of winter in NYC.

Latoya Jackson finally decided it was her time to ‘shine’, and on the men’s side Mark McGrath stepped up for his charity. Two low-lyers rising to the top for a change.

Latoya Jackson is fairly useless. She is sweet as cherry pie, but has no leadership skills to speak of… not a great combination to lead this group of ladies. Star Jones is a master manipulator of situations, NeNe Leakes does NOT hold back her opinions, and Marlie Matlin is as strong a woman as you’ll find. With NO creative vision or direction, Latoya went a very safe route with their campaign, much to the chagrin of her reluctant team.

On the other hand, the men came up with a ‘brilliant’ new campaign and executed with gusto under Marks leadership. Of course, when you have Gary Busey and Meatloaf on your team… you’re in for some drama. Gary commandeered the executives and subjected them to leud euphemisms and forceful attention seeking…

In the boardroom, the executives gave the win to the Ladies… and the men were on the chopping block.

Mark said the idea was ALL his, and if the loss was based solely on the concept… it was his torch to snuff. The rest of this team went to bat for him, saying that Gary is the obvious pain the rear in EVERY task and should be the one to go. In the end, Trump felt that the loss was a result of the concept, not Gary’s inappropriate behaviour.

Mark got the boot.

You know there’s going to be backlash next week, not only ont he men’s side, but on the womens. NeNe is going to snap on Latoya, Star is going to start hating NeNE and Latoya is going to cry.

Things are really heating up! Are you watching this show? What do YOU think of the brilliant casting?




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