DWTS Monday: April 11

12 04 2011

I’m starting to think DWTS should switch casts with The Celebrity Apprentice – don’t you think that would be a KILLER show?

Never the less, the ‘stars’ took the stage last night for a VERY enjoyable night of Classical music and dance. Dancing to a Rihanna song and dancing to a Tchaikovski song are two totally different things, and my vote is for the latter! A full orchestra, some of the best classical music in hosrtiry, and the dances that were meant to accompany it. Beautiful thing.

The night went as follows…

Romeo took on a role of the Matador in a strong Paso. His disjointed steps came across as powerful and purposeful rather than stunted, in my opinion… he got away with it a bit this week. He is definitely progressing, and is starting to worry less about his ‘cred’ and get into character. A job well done.

Kendra has an attitude problem. And she better get it in check if she wants to do well in this competition… nobody likes a too cool for school ‘tude on the dancefloor… it never goes over well. She hated classical music, she did not perform well, and shrugged off the criticism with snark. I wouldnt be surprised if she ends up a bottom dweller tonight.

Petra is really starting to endear herself to me. She is a sweetie-pie, with beautiful lines and a great chemistry with her partner Dimitri. She’s Russian, not American… and I sincerely hope that doesnt become an issue in the voting.

Sugar Ray stooped to new lows last week, with his boxing themed number… but came back stronger this week. He isnt the best dancer, and he won’t win (isnt he the token old-guy?) but he has charisma and a  better attitude than many…

Hines was in his element tonight. His body (for once) didnt look out of place on the dancefloor… He took on the Paso like a champ and wore it well. He even managed to hold back a smile until the very last beat…. showing that he was completely in character, but still the lovable footballer inside.

Chris Jericho (back to his wrestler persona tonight) decided that he could ‘use his wrestling arrogance’ in this weeks dance. to me, that comes across as fake… I wonder why? But I can’t deny that Cheryl has a good ‘tool’ to work with this season… Chris is solid, has room to grow and blossom when it counts later on.

Chelsea is definitely the best partner Mark couldve gotten. She is a follower, and game to try new things even if it will cost them judges scores. Mark is the new Lacey in that respect. Last night, they broke away from the classical mold and gave a Tim Burton-esque performance that was no doubt a crowd pleaser. But this is the wrong show for that… take it to SYTYCD. Good scores all around despite some criticism…

Ralph is back! I loved him in this gut-wrenching story of love… the calssic Romeo and Juliet. He puts his soul into his dancing, and you can feel his sincerity. He has been atop the leaderboard since the premier, and every week he proves why.

Kirsty Alley can’t seem to go a week without controversy and upset. The fall heard round the world happened last week, and this week… she has a wardrobe malfunction. She fought with her show the entire dance, and even tried to fix it during a moment on the floor… last week, they rebounded and were able to complete the dance with grace. This week however, it seemed to get to her and the performance suffered. She;s got enough fan support to pull her through…

Thoughts? Who won  the night in your opinion? Who lost the night, and will under the red glow of elimination tonight?




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