American Idol: April 13th

14 04 2011

American Idol has officially become a contender for ‘favourite show’ this season. Just sayin…

This is a very strong group of Idols, each one of them brings something different to the table… and every week, I’m totally excited to see what that’s going to be!

This week, Idols were faced with ‘Songs from the Movies’ (and no one chose My Heart Will Go On?) and once again, the audience was treated with a wide variety of style, performance and selection.

Paul got the night started (in a black version of his god-aweful flower-applique suit) with A Bob Seeger classic. He certainly has his own…vibe. He does ‘him’ very well… and unabashedly so. Randy always says (and the kids from Jersey Shore agree…) “Do you!”.

Stefano chose another song to prove his pipes, but nothing I would go out and buy from him later. Boys2Men wouldnt have been my choice for him, but he puts his heart and soul into every song he sings….and I give him full marks for that. Kid CAN sing.

Lauren showed her age (again) by going with a Miley Cyrus tune. I guess she connects with an ‘artist’ in her age group – lets hope she doesnt want to model her career after her… it’s a tired act. Some low-blows were delivered to Miley from record producer and…

Casey is just… cool. This guy, does what he wants, when he wants… and in my eyes, can’t miss. He took a huge chance (that may or may not pay off) by choosing a relatively unknown, vintage Nat King Cole tune, and took the stage with just a piano a smackering of acoustic percussion and his stan up bass. He layed down my new favourite song…

Haley took on ‘Call Me’ by Blondie… and I think it was a bit of a fall from grace for her. She’s been doing well choosing 80’s girl rocker songs the past few weeks… but this time it turned karaoke really fast. She looked like she was performing infront of her mirror as a 12 year old trying to keep up with the hard hitting melody and tempo.

Scottie went with the King of Country – George Strait. I wouldve rather him done something a little less… old sounding. Sorry, it was a bit slow and lacklustre for me. I dont think we’ll have to worry about him though – he’s got a TON of fans, and breaking out the George Strait ain’t hurting his country cred.

Jacob changed his mind, with help from the record producer Jimmy, and ended up performing one of the greatest melodys of all time … Bridge Over Troubled Water. If you thought he wouldnt KILL.. like MURDER this song… you havent seen his previous performances. This guy has the pipes to SLAY songs like this, and he did.

James also decided to stick to his guns and perform a heavy metal song. This couldve spelled elimination in previous seasons, but this year… it’s anything goes. Heavy metal is no less accepted than Jazz, R&B, Folk, Country etc that are all performed on this stage.

Thoughts? Did you enjoy the song selection? Who had the performance of the night for you… and who had the worst?




One response

15 08 2011
justin holt

American Idol is absolutely perfect reality show. I found American Idol much more interesting than America’s got talent tv show.

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