American Idol Elimination: April 15th

15 04 2011

Kind of an easy elimination on American Idol last night.

From the gaudy get-up, to the shmultzy performance – Paul McDonald didnt get alot of votes last night, and was destined for the chopping block.

It came down to perennial bottom dwellers Stefano and Haley… but Paul McDonald was the Idol that fell last night.


I’m not.

I am however surprised that  Stefano and Haley have escaped elimination more times than both Pia and Casey. They have held on for a long time… will another shocker come before either one of them get the boot?

A bit of a revelation for me last night – Haley should be more like Casey. They performed a KILLER throw back jazz duet last night that brought the house down- and Haley has a stunning jazz sensability that I didnt know she possessed. The girl was an unbelievable match to the genre, and perhaps singing THAT way could actually save her half way through this competition!

Thoughts? Were you happy with the outcome, or were people just offended by Paul’s suit?




4 responses

15 04 2011
joe cheok

I ‘m not surprised that Paul McDonald got the goodbye kiss from the judges. I always felt that Stefano and Haley they were better than Paul with their stunning performance. But sorry Paul you got the chop.

15 04 2011
C Sheppard

nicely said.

16 04 2011

idol stefano . . . . end of the road . . . . i like that song

17 04 2011
C Sheppard

No doubt, Stefano is a seriously talented singer. I just wasnt crazy about the song last week… hope he picks something KILLER this week!

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