DWTS: April 18th

19 04 2011

It’s rare that DWTS is so ‘open’ at this stage of the competition.

Usually, there are one or two frontrunners, and 5 or 6 ‘fillers’ with no hope in the world of winning. Conversely, this season there are more front runners than bottom dwellers… a bell curve effect. The lowest score last night was a 22… that’s tough competition!

Nobody is a terrible dancer, those people have already gone home. What remains are a group of potentially great dancers, and only a few will make it far enough to gun for gold.

Ralph – Unfortunately, the Americana-Samba wasnt really his forte. He isnt cool enough to pull it off. Sorry. He’s such a ‘dad’ or ‘fun uncle’ that he can’t get away with grinding out a down and dirty Cowboy routine without it coming across as kitschy and overdone.

Kendra – was completely draped in a flag and likely got a lesson in being ‘sassy’ with the judges. Bottom two. Therefore, tonight was all about the rebound and trying to get voters back on her side. She was much better, but her surge was probably due to the fact that she required no ‘elegance’ on her up-tempo jive.

Chris Jericho- is more of a contender than I thought. He has the tools and the aprtner to go a long way in this competition, and tonight he showed it. He has great hold, and a charming performance gravitas. Softening down, and wearing a white uniform went a long way tonight…

Romeo- (not ‘lil anymore) Is starting to really get into this whole… dancing thing. He is now game for anything… tight pants, suits with tails and putting on Sinatra swagger for his numbers. A good dance for him last night, I like to see him (attempting to) make dancing ‘cool’.

Petra- Is beautiful and sweet – and she reminds me of a throw back hollywood Cyd Charise with her long legs and smooth lines. She pulled off another great routine tonight, putting the kibosh on the accusation that tall people can’t to fast dances!

Hines– Is quite the judege/crowd/audience favourite. His smile lights up the room, and he looked so charming in his white suit last last night. It surprised me to hear that he has accumulated the most judges points, not because I don’t think he deserves it, but because I think he is quietly becoming the frontrunner…watch out!

Chelsea– Dancing to her ‘chum’ Miley Cyrus was kind of corny… but she and Mark layed down a fantastic routine. To me, Mark outshines his partners so much that it can become distracting…I only watch him (I do the same with Derek). So if his partner is irrelevant, his strength might be the reason he makes it so far every year.

Kirsty Alley– Pulled out the big guns, and called ina few favouris from her famous pals. That’s right, there was a cameo from John Travolta in her video diary, and a slew of famous faces showed up to watch her dance. SHe did not have another mishap, but she did not have the best dance of the night either. With those heavy weights on her side, she ain’t going down too quickly… don’t fret.


How did your favourite perform? With such strong scores across the board, will a favourite go home tonight?




4 responses

19 04 2011
joe cheok

Chris Jericho, he is my No. 1 choice to win tonight. No doubt it is getting tougher with each passing day. I ‘m very sure Chris is going to win tonight.

19 04 2011
C Sheppard

He has been solid, and will only get better. Good choice!

20 04 2011

Too bad the sexy Petra got the boot tonight. Luckily she is not my favourite. My favourite is still Kristy, so glad she is doing ok tonight.

20 04 2011
C Sheppard

Kirsty is certainly a fan favourite – glad your #1 is still in!

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