American Idol: April 20th

21 04 2011

American Idol is starting to break wide open now.

It started with the elimination of two favourites early – Pia and Paul.

Now, the cream is rising to the top, and the mediocre are becoming glaringly obvious.

Last night, the Top 7  performed songs of the 21st century (and yet there were still songs I didnt know… strange)

Scotty started it off with ‘Swingin’ by Leann Rimes (I didnt know the song, but it sounded like the 5th track in a very average country album…. sorry.) Scotty has his fans, he found his niche, and he will never stray from that. Even though the judges keep urging him to ‘grow’ and ‘branch out’ – that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Haley took on British powerhouse Adele in her most famous song…and the hottest tune in the world. Ambitious. Last week I said she should go more Jazz (Like Casey) because I don’t enjoy her in ‘Pop’ songs, she tries to do too much. She did that again with this song and the result was a campy ‘star search’ version.

James sang Muse. I have been wanting him to sing this song since he made the Top 12. His voice is suited perfectly to the haunting post-apocalyptic song. Loved it. He also brought out his inner Adam Lambert (minus a few oddities) with a performance that was comparable to any Grammy show in the past 10 years.

Casey sang Maroon 5. Smart. Showing us that he can make a pop/rock song into his own unique style. He brought it again this week… one of my favourite performances of his. He rocked the guitar, he commanded the stage, he ‘scatted’ and he kissed J-Lo. I…Love…Him.

Jacob sang Luther Vandrose. I have to first mention, that I hated the song choice, because I hate that song. I will try and keep my bias at bay. He didnt kill it… and that is in part due to the song, in part due to the audio malfunction, part due to his propensity for becoming over emotional. I think this guy is the picture of raw, god-given talent. I just think he may not WIN this competition if he starts to become average.

Stefano sang Ne-Yo. This guy has escaped elimination with much worse performances, so you never know. The Stefano I loved was the John Secada Stefano… not the R&B Stefano. I used to think he could grow, catch momentum and have a shot at winning this thing, but I doubt that more and more each week.

Lauren played it safe with another country/pop song. She needs to start listening to the judges and bring back the Audition Lauren we fell in love with. She has moments, but then reverts to the safety of ‘fun, young, country/pop’. I think she has a large following, but I also think she could be in some trouble tonight.


How did your favourites do last night? Who will land in the bottom 3 tonight?




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