Celebrity Apprentice: April 24

25 04 2011

No better way to end an Easter Weekend than to to watch some real drama unfold on The Celebrity Apprentice.

I got the family comatose after a turkey dinner, and sat them infront of the TV to watch my favourite sunday night vice. Works every time.

But what would the show be WITHOUT Gary Busey? That was the lingering question… who would provide the dose of crazy? Not to worry, a few people have really stepped up their crazy in his absence. Meatloaf, Latoya, Star, NeNe… they all delivered.

Last night, Trump held his first Presidential rally on top of a rooftop, and had the teams play Trump markters by coming up with a new promotion for his hotels.

The men were solid, but not super innovative. Same old same old. The women… kind of the same. They were all asked to push the boundaries and be creative, but each team fell back into the same high-end hotel schtick that’s overused and tired. We get it. People with infinite wealth can take long luxurious baths, go out on the town with their other rich friends, dine without waiting for a table, and use gold napkins. We get it.

That’s Donald Trumps’ America.

Star was not just the PM, she was the mediator and host of her own Oprah show. She orchestrated an intervention between the feuding NeNe and Latoya. Heartwarming, sensitive… and a complete waste of time. They both now see ‘eye to eye’… Latoya even threw out the ‘L’ word. That’s right… ladies and gents, last week, Latoya wouldnt even call NeNe to say Hi, this week… She LOVES her.

Neither team did particularly well – but the women did worse.

In the boardroom, the women all sold out Latoya for her weakness and lack of talents. They did not blame the loss on the PM, they blamed it on the continuously ineffective Jackson.

Latoya Jackson got fired. But at least she made a new friend…


Strong personalities remain, who will have the next explosive altercation?




2 responses

25 04 2011

Strong personalities – no question about that – but the strongest and shrewdest is Star Jones. Regardless of what people say about her, I think she is a classic Lady who takes no Shit!! NeNe may be tough in a ghetto-fabulous way – but she falls weak when she has to deal with Star’s crafty and profound intelligence. She’s my kind of Lady!!!

25 04 2011
C Sheppard

NeNe talks a big game (PERFECT for this show) and is therefore entertaining me to no end. Bu tif you were really going to HIRE someone from this process… I’d place my bets on Star winning the job.

Thanks for stopping by fellow CA fan!

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