DWTS: April 25

26 04 2011

Another great night of performances on DWTS.

But you know we dont JUST watch for the ‘performances’ – we watch for the drama! And last night, there was LOTS of extra drama on the dancefloor. Not to mention, it was ‘guilty pleasures week’ and Hanson was the featured performer! There were alot of people around my age last night, holding back their inner 12 year old squeel.

Kirsty kicked it off with a fantastic dance, her best sincer her breakout as the frontrunner week 1. By far. The poor woman almost had na asthmatic enduced heart failure post-dance – but she made it through with flying colours and scores.

Romeo then took the floor with an uber-romantic dance to the music from Titanic. Oh, and Romeo credits that film for making him Romeo… I wouldve credited his parents naming decisions at birth but that’s just me. He also ended the dance with a wet-one on Chealsea…right in the kisser. Start the rumour mill…Chealsea said it was completely unplanned. Not sure what to believe there…

Chelsea wants us to believe that she isnt competitive. Right, The Disney kids arent competitive? I would love to be a fly on the wall in a Disney casting call… the claws definitely come out. In any case, she has a fun time with Mark (and I would put the rumur mill to work if he wasnt romatically linked to a much bigger star at this point…) and they always deliver high energy, high quality dances.

Kendra was in her element. Not to say she’s a stripper… Bruno said that! Ouch. But, she is very comfortable shaking her ‘tail feather’ and ‘upper extremities’…and they are extreme. If you didnt know that she has probably done the same dance in a few….different venues, you would think she broke out of her shell last night. She was great, but I get the feeling it wasnt an entirely new ‘skill’ she was displaying.

Hines Ward is every bit a potential champion. He is personable, athletic and works hard. He brings that to every dance, and honestly, he can’t lose! He needs to continue to step up his game otherwise he may fall tot he same fate as Pia or other favourite that have left too soon due to apathy. Great dance again last night!

Chris Jericho is the embodiment of whatevery 13 year old boy I grew up with wanted to be. A wrestler/rock band lead singer/stud. Something about him makes me want to roll my eyes alot. BUT… he is starting to become a good dancer. Last night, he took a bit of a step back – but I think it was because he was really starting to overthink his technique and posture. That’s actually a good thing if he can learn to harness his intensity and control it in later weeks.

Ralph is 50! I’m sorry, I just can’t over that… he looks 30 and still has his Karate Kid physique…it’s just nuts! Anyways, he is also one o fmy favourite people to ‘root’ for, becuase he is such a nice guy living out a mid-life crisis. He also has a great partner in karina. That’s why lsat night was such a let down. Karina took a spill that will be replayed ad nauseum all season (so dont wory if you missed it). Instead of getting ‘off’ Ralph supported HER and made it through the dance almost compeltely unscathed.


Who will be in the bottom tonight, will there be a shocking result? Perhaps the biggest question: Will Pia and Mark profess their inter-reality-competition-show Romance when she makes her appearnace tonight???




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