DWTS Elimination: April 26

27 04 2011

So did YOU watch ALL 2 Hours of DWTS Elimination show last night?

I have to be completely honest… with so many other shows competing for my attention last night, I literally tuned in for the last 5 minutes of the show. So no, I didnt see the cuteness of Pia singing to Mark while he danced for her… missed it. I also didnt see the Karina incident played on a loop, nor did I see endless build up and video packages.

Here’s what I DID see…The results!

Ralph and Karina, and Chris and Cheryl in the bottom two.

I love the format DWTS has taken by putting anyone they feel is the most dramatic pairing of the week ‘in the bottom’ even if they arent necessarily ‘in the bottom’. Love it. They can do whatever they want, they are in control of the drama. So last night, odds are Ralph and Karina were near the top in voting… but producers wanted us to think that because of the controversial ‘fall’, they might be in jeopardy.

It was obvious that Chris Jericho would be the one going home last night, considering last night was NOT his best night, he took alot of criticism, and there isnt alot of other choices left to vote out! Unless Hines, Chelsea and Ralph  go Charlie Sheen stark raving mad… they will be around for awhile.


Did the right person go home?  Who is the dark horse…. or is there one?



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