American Idol: April 27

28 04 2011

Still my favourite vocal competition – American Idol has seriously hit it’s stride this season.

At this point in the season – there should still be a few stragglers that have no chance of winning. THIS season however, every person who hit the stage has a very good chance of taking this compeition.

There are ‘frontrunners’ like Casey and now James… but don’t underestimate mometum and the tween vote. Haley has momentum -she has escaped the bottom for a few weeks in a row. Lauren and Scotty have the tween vote, and that’s a powerful ally.

Last night …

Jacob tapped back into his performance roots – had a great time on stage and a strong performance. Song choice might be an issue, I was a little unfamiliar with the song (a trend for the evening) and it lacked a ‘power moment’.

James absolutely KILLED a rock ballad. Slayed it. He proved that not only can he rock ‘hard’ – he has a true rock voice. He took the night for me… even singing Carol King.

Haley did well… her voice is growing on me (and apparantly growing on Casey… start the rumour mill!). She has really started to find a groove and just might go further than I thought!

Scotty took it down a notch and performed a less-countrified ballad. He has a very nice voice, and the kid is going to be a sensation this time next year… but will he be the winner? I don’t know…

Lauren sang a song I actually KNEW (I recognized it as the theme from Gilmore Girls!) and is starting to step up her performance level. Her voice is more mature than her, if that makes sense. So in a way, she has to try and match her performance maturity with her voice… that takes time.

Casey is totally in his own zone. It doesnt matter what theme the week is, he comes out with a jazzy, soulful performance that smashes the Idol mold. I don’t know what to say about him, he’s already an artist, he doesnt ‘need’ this show, and maybe he won’t win as predicted… but he has been a walking highlight reel all season.


Who will be in the bottom 3 tonight? Predictions?




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