American Idol Elimination: April 28

29 04 2011

Another American Idol Elimination shocker!

How many of those have we had this season?

I expected to see Jacob in the bottom, I even half expected to see Scotty in the bottom…I also had a small incling that a front runner might end up there, but be safe in the long run.

But last night, Casey landed in the bottom 3, and this time… he had no safety net. Casey Abrahms was eliminated from American Idol last night… for good. Done deal. No more second chances.

I did say in my previous blog that Casey didnt need this competition to grow into an artists, he already is one. But in fairness sake, I wish the voting public would reward singers like him. I won’t get on a soapbox, I think it’s clear how I feel about him and the situation… I do not agree. But then, I havent agreed with many decisions in the 10 or so seasons and my life has surprisingly gone on.

The sun will rise whether American Idol is fair or not.


Should someone else have gone home last night based on their performance?




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