Celebrity Apprentice: May 1

2 05 2011

If you watced the Celebrity Apprentice last night… you know we have A LOT to talk about today!

You wanted a Nene vs Star showdown? It happened, within the first 3 minutes of the show. And it was a gooodie! Nene went ‘street’ and got all ‘up in Stars face’ (infront of Trump and the executives) and Star played the ‘intelligent women dont play that way’ card and became a shrinking violet.

What a way to start!

The task was creating a hair show… gotta start feeling bad for the men in these challenges. I mean really, it’s harder for them to pull it off, but they always seem to manage. This is a strong men’s side. They are all performers and conofident in their roles. This might change…. you’ll see why later.

On the girls side, tension… obviously tangible. Not only did Nene verbally attack Star, she managed to insult the rest of the women by saying they were all too weak to stand up to Star. Feelings were hurt, and women deal with emotions differently than men. Remember the Meatloaf vs Busey blowout? It was OVER in seconds…Women hold may-jor grudges and will hold onto them (in the deep dark recesses of their hearts) forever.

So needless to say, the mood was not conducive to productivity.

In the meantime – Trump gets a visit from the recently ousted Latoya Jackson. Those Jacksons, cant keep ’em out of the lime light for long. She wants back. Not only that, she wants back… on the men’s team (I guess SO!)

The men ended up winning the challenge (surprise surprise) and the boardroom showdown was inevitable. I wanted the girls to lose JUST to see this clash of the titans! But before the festivities went down, Trump announces that Latoya will be returning and will join the men’s team. I dont even want to talk about it, i’m THAT perturbed by the decision. Bad form Trump.

Back to the boardroom, the obvious Star vs Nene arguements went on, and on. Then the focus shifted to the wallflower Hope who spends most of her time modelling and not actively contributing to the team. Strong women vs weak woman… Trump fires Hope.

You saw this if you were watching it in Canada… to my American friends, sorry you missed it… I hear there was something a little more timely making news at quarter to 11.


Are NeNe and Star done fighting, or will there be another showdown? What do you think of Trumps decision to ‘unfire’ Latoya?




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