DWTS: Monday, May 3

3 05 2011

Well, it’s no NeNe vs Star drama, but DWTS was quite the showdown last night, and things are getting interesting.

How interesting?

Well, they added a fourth judge, the leaderboard has completely flipped since week one and we had our first ‘team dance off’ of the season.

The team dances were great, the choreography is always fantastic because there are 3 pros involved. What is DOES is pit celebrities against eachother for comparison, and also pit ceberities against the Pros for comparison. Some dancers rise to the challenge, some are so obviously out of their league. Not that it was staged or anything, but both groups got the same amount of judges points. Hmmm…

There are still plenty of dancers left… but the competition is breaking open a bit.

Chelsea got a visit from Marks mom to help her with acting ‘intense’. Really? Isnt she “and actor”? In the end, Mark always makes his partners look good – so the dance was creative and powerful. On the flip side, Chelseas acting is letting her down… she was so intense that it came across as cheesey.

Ralph has fallen from the top of the leaderboard since the early weeks where he dominated. Now he is just in a mediocre groove – but came out stronger this week. Maybe it was the new hair ‘do’ to fit in with the youngins (not that he needs to look any younger!). He and Karina danced a fast-paced, upbeat routine that landed them back in the judges good graces.

Kendra shook her ‘groove thang’ last week, but this week had to pull off a sophisticated, understated dance. You can tell that she needed this one… this could be a turning point for her. She pretty much nailed it, putting to rest the allegations that she can’t pull off ‘classy’. The new judge probably wished he had been here last week…

Hines is becoming a really great dancer, now he needs one performance to catapault him into front-runner status. He didnt really pull it off last night, but he had another solid dance worthy of high marks. I’m looking for him to really break ou of his shell next week.

Romeo should be a frontrunner, but hasnt risen to the challenge. really, he should be killing these dances…attacking them and using his physique and charm to woo the female demographic. Last night, he failed to perform to his potential yet again, and received less than stellar makrs form the judges.

Kirsty has some serious chutzpah and star quality. Unfortunately, her dancing is starting to slip a bit. She needs to focus her attention on technique and performance rather than personality… it will only take her so far. I’m hoping that she will make it through nd work hard to perfect a dance that will WOW the judges and the aduienceĀ  a la week one.


Someone is due to break away from the pack and lead the competition… who will it be?




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