American Idol Top 5: May 4

5 05 2011

The Top 5 performed on American Idol last night … getting down to the wire, the whole landscape has changed with the elimination of Casey from the competition.

Wouldnt you agree?

Last night, I was surprised at how much my opinion of the performers changed. Apparently, I can change my attitude mid-season.

For example, a few weeks ago… there was no one I wanted gone MORE than Hayley. Last night, she absolutley SLAYED, MURDERED and OBLITERATED her verison of House of the rising sun.A complete turn around from her first song, an ‘unreleased’ Gaga song that was nothing more than a sleazy bar performance…sorry.

James is now the one I look to for the unique performances – and last night he delivered two completely different songs with two completely different emotions attached to them. The first was a true modern rock song, and the second was a heart wrenching ‘oldie’ that had everyone in his boat by the end. People were eating out of his hands with this peroformance… the tears were a good touch !

Jacob started on a high for me, but in past weeks has slowly started drop the ball with his song choices. last night, started off rough with an up tempo Jordin Spraks song… another wrong turn. But he bounced back with a Jacob of old, Love Hurts. When he hits his powere notes, he HITS them… and he did that last night finally.

Lauren has always been a bit invisible to me. She always sings well enough to stay in it, but recently I’ve noticed that her fans are growing in numbers, and her perforamances have started to give her a new edge. This girl knows the kind of record she’ll produce, and if she stays in her country/pop groove she could end up turning some heads.

For me, Scotty started out as a bit of a novelty. He has an Elvis swagger, a Johnny Cash range and a Norman Rockwell appeal. But last night, my opinion changed. He has an unbelievable confidence and a voice to match. He can rock a country/rock anthem, and he can slow it right down into a sweet as molasis ballad. This guy is going to be playing the Opry this time next year… no doubt about it.


Who’s the new favourite? Has your opinion changed?

Most importantly, whoever goes tonight will re-shift the competition once again!




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