American Idol Elimination: May 5

6 05 2011

An American Idol elimination show that actually made some SENSE last night.

Wouldnt you agree?

So many times, the bottom 2 or 3 are so totally different than expected, and the wrong person goes home. This has happened more times this season… than any other in my opinion (or maybe i’m just forgetting other season upsets…)

Last night, the right 3 were safe based on last night’s performacnes: James, Hayley and Scotty.

That left Lauren and Jacob in the bottom 2.

Lauren was having a really hard time keeping it together, poor girl. We often forget, this a highschool teenager on teh biggest stage int eh world, having judges critique her every note, and having record producers tell her waht to do every week. Remember YOURSELF at 16… shudder.

At any rate, she had nothing to worry about because the results are in and…. Jacob was eliminated from American Idol last night. (after a performance by J-Lo‘s abs.)


In my opinion, the right people were in the bottom, and the right guy went home. Do you agree?




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