Celebrity Apprentice: May 8th

9 05 2011

Celebrity Apprentice takes the drama cake. I mean really. Trump hit and absolute goldmine this season – I don’t know if I should be praising him, or his casting director – but someone made some outstanding decisions to make this show what it is today.

Last night, 5 minutes into the 3 Hour EPIC (seriously, Star Wars wasnt that long!) NeNe Leakes committed the one sin Trump will never forget or let go… she quit. I’m not going to take sides here, because i can see how a woman like NeNe would feel like it was the ‘right’ thing to do in her circumstance – but at the same time… she was leaving at leas one more freak out on Star on the table. We got gypped.

The teams were then Latoya, John and Lil John, and on the other side Star, Meatloaf and Marlie.

Meat and Latoya were PM’s (this is the first of a two-task event… stay with me!)

The task was a fundraiser  at a comedy show. The celebs tried to call in as many people to drop a chunk of change on an amateur evening, but appantly after raising $600,000 and 900,000 respectively in a rpevious task… the wealthy were sick of giving.

Meatloaf took over the crazy train for Nene. He had a complete and utter meltdown at the thought of losing his money for his charity. The man was weeping. weeping. Begging for Trump to change the rules like a little boy getting tagged ‘it’ on the playground. It was a little bit difficult to watch actually.

In any case, the show must go on – and it did. In the end, after a few more tears in teh boardroom, Meatloaf was vindicated and won the task. In the quickest Trump firing all season, PM Latoya was re-fired. For good this time.

Ok, I’ve covered the first 1.5 hours in a nutshell – in the second half, the teams had to produce a commercial for OnStar. John and Lil John continue to be a well-oiled machine of creativity and follow through. The other team ,under the leadership of Marlie had some creative issues. Meatloaf of course took the creative lead, while Star sat back in her chair and did ‘brand integration’ as per usual. She couldnt work with Meatloaf, she can’t do ‘off the cuff’ and that’s where Meatloaf lives.

In the end, John and Lil John pulled out another win… spelling the boardroom for the team of three. I figured, since the creative was where they really lost it – the over-emotional Meatloaf would take the bullet. But bless his heart, he fought like a man possessed (like a bat outta hell…sorry.) He stepped in nicely once again for Nene having it OUT in the boardroom with Star. And before I knew what was happening, Star was blamed for the lack of brand integration, lack of preparedness for her voice over, and lack of sportsmanship in general.

Star Jones was FIRED.

Thoughts? Is there still enough crazy left for this show to go on? The final four is set, are they the right/strongest bunch?




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