DWTS Monday: May 9th

10 05 2011

DWTS never fails to disappoint me… especially when it gets down to the final stages of competition.

Last night, the final 5 were tasked with an additional ‘instant dance’ – a dance that is performed to music they havent received until 20 minutes before they perform it. To me, this requires musicality… it’s not as difficult as they make it sound. The dances are pre-prepared. But it shows which Stars are really becoming dancers- because the ability to apply your moves is another completely different skill.

Let’s kick it off with Chelsea. She goes to great lengths to scold Mark for being arrogant and cocky to the judges last week, and where most times I hate this kind of false sentiment, I thought she came into her own a bit, stepping up to Mark. Good job kid. She also won brownie points going into her forst dance – which was beautiful and a break through performance for her. She had a solid effort with her instant dance (but I do find it hard to watch her steal Karina’s outfits… Disney should be careful!) and stayed at the top of the leaderboard.

Hines needed a good dance to propel him into the top with Chelsea – and he delievered! Nothing bring s crowd to it’s feet like a cheesy quickstep with a love story. Hines was fortunate not to get a slow waltz or foxtrot – he defintely won some votes with his dances last night (and his big smile!) The cream is rising…

Ralph- at a time when others are reaching new heights, Ralph unfortunately is on a slow decline… last night, injury ridden performances did not help him at all. I am rooting for this guy, but his injuries picked a bad time to flare up. I think, this could spell the end of his run on the show… yes, it was that bad.

Romeo had a bad week last week, and needed to take advantage of Ralphs misfortunes and put down a killer dance. He did. His first dance was an intense latin (to a Britney Spears song…) that got very high praise from the judges. His instant dance was slightly less stirring, but he ended up with solid scores all said.

Kirsty thought this show would work the same magic as The Biggest Loser – but girl, take care of yourself! Dancing 8 hours a day on 150 calories is nuts. ANyways, she laid down an absolutely fabulous first dance and proved once again, why she has been top of the class throughout the season. She was due for another breakthrough dance, and she nailed it last night.


It was very obvious last night that Ralph was in great pain and really was not able to compete in the way he would in other weeks. It’s unfortunate, but the karate kid is down… and I don’t see him rising again. Just my opinion.

Who will get the boot tonight? Is your favourite still in? Will the fan vote keep Ralph around?




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