American Idol Wednesday: May 11

12 05 2011

Can you believe we watched the Top 4 perform last night on American Idol? This season has gone by so fast… and with no clear winner, it’s looking like an exciting race for final two and the ultimate title!

Is this the final 4 you expected though? I think it would be safe to say, it hasnt shaped up the way anyone truly anticipated. I think we wouldve picked Casey and Pia to definitely be in the mix – and I woud never have seen Haley making it past Top 6 or 7. Lauren was my darkhorse pick because she appeals to a large fan-following, and Scotty has been an amazing surprise…

Last night – the Idols sang two songs: One that inspires them, and one with mentor Lady gaga.

I have to admit – I spent a good part of my day wednesday thinking about what Gaga would wear, and if it would be OK to watch the episode with my mother. We’ll get to that…

James kicked off the show with a rousing rendition of Don’t Stop Believing (boy has that song ever had a resurgance!) – his voice lends itself very well to the tenor-rock vocals of Journey. IT was right up his alley, and showed off his talent in both the singing and the performance. He then danced with Lady Gaga, and performed an Elvis hit. Another upbeat, rock n roll tune that really showcased his level of performance. This kid is ready. I don’t know that he necessarily wants to be ‘the Idol’ (and have songs written for him by Kara DioGuardi) but this kid is SO ready to be a superstar.

Haley chose an inspirational Michael Jackson song – because she knew she had the pipes to belt it out at the climax. Unfortunately, she did more ‘belting’ than singing, and it did not go over well with the judges. Both JLo and Randy layed it on THICK… poor girl tried to defend her choice, but when she watches it back…she’ll understand the criticism. her second song, however, was an entirely different story! This girl likes a comeback- she likes to fight for her performance. Honestly, I don’t know what her following is, or what her fate will be…. but if she keeps absolutley dropping career-making performances, she will go a long way.

Scotty is very much still in this. In fact, every week he proves himself in a new way. This week, he sang a slow country ballad as his inspirational song. ust him, an acoustic guitar and a violin… it was beautiful and totally pro. He WILL be a sensation this time next year… maybe the most successful of the group. I was worried about him with Gaga, I bet his mother was too! His second song was more upbeat and showed off his unmistakable personality on stage.

Lauren chose Martina McBride – a bold choice, but not out of her element. She was able to really show her strong vocals, a tough task on a Martina song. This girl has likely been more of a frontrunner than anyone is aware, she appeals to the masses, and appeals to the younger (more passionate) voter. Gaga encouraged her to have more character and be more confident on stage (a winning method apparantly) and Lauren pulled out another solid performance- although, she lost a bit of her character halfway through.


I’d love to hear who YOUR Top 4 wouldve been – and of course, who do you think the Top 3 will be after tonight?




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23 05 2011
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