American Idol Elimination: May 12

13 05 2011

I was not ready for the American Idol shocker elimination last night.

I mean, I knew there was a 1 in 4 chance someone I loved would go home… I just didnt think it would happen.

Last night, we had to sit through a Steven Tyler self promotion, another inane Ford commercial, a new album from an old Idol, a taped Lady Gaga song, and the return of Enrique. Just to get to the results…

It started off bad for me, sending Lauren to the safe chairs. This left my Top 3 in danger. Next, Haley was sent to the safe chair, which left MY favourite and a fan-favourite in jeopardy.

Now there was a 1 in 2 chance that I would be disappointed… and the worst possible outcome was announced.

James Durbin, eliminated from the American Idol competition.

I don’t know what your reaction was, but my  jaw could not have been closer to the floor.. and the scream I emitted was not a pretty sound.

So your Top 3 is: Scotty, Lauren and Haley.

The competition is wide open… seriously. It will come down to who perfomrs the best on the final night.


What was your reaction to the results?




One response

13 05 2011
Lynn Sharer

I am sure you could hear OUR screams from Huntsville to Toronto! So disappointing but not surprising wehn you think aboout who is doing the voting. Must be a lot of mid west/ southern folk.

I hope we get to see James at the last show….performaing a rock song with Steven T and Randy!

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