Survivor Nicaragua Finale: The Winner Is…

16 05 2011

Is it finale season already? Last night, I hope you didn’t miss the Survivor Finale… because it was a doozy as predicted!

If you didn’t see it last night, I’m sure by now you have heard the outcome… but let’s go into it a little further before the big reveal (you know how much I love some great filler!)

Last night, Rob and his brood stood 4 srong, and the remainder of the Redemption Island-ers were facing the final duel before entering back into the game.

3 Big strong guys,versus one little blonde girl – but it didnt matter because the challenge was all about stamina and balance. The little girl with the better centre of gravity ended up beating out some of the game’s strongest players… much to the chagrin of Rob. This was the girl they had JUST voted out…awkward walk home to say the least.

Once back on the island, Rob made sure his team was strong and wouldnt submit to the wiles of the young blood rejoining the tribe. And bless her heart, she tried!

But Rob’s reign was too strong…there was no break in the chain. One blonde down, one to go.

In the second challenge, Rob once again proved his dominence and won immunity… the only one that really counted. His ticket to the final 3. And with one fell swoop, and the elimination of the last blonde girl… Rob was taking exactly who he wanted to the final vote. Weak Natalie and Nutty Phillip.

After a riveting tongue lashing from most of the jury… the votes were cast.

At the live tribal council… it was a landslide, and Rob finally won Survivor. It was his game from the start, it was his show…and now it is the bittersweet end of an era as arguably the best contestant to ever play the game got his million.

Wow. Lots to take in there. My favourite thing about the live show is the change in the way each contestant looks (after a few good meals and daily showers) and the change in their personalities with no gameplay in mind.

Grant and Matt looked like completely differnt people, and Phillip was not as crazy with a full body of clothing on. Amazing.

What a great season!


Are you happy with the outcome, or did one of the other deserve to win?



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