DWTS Top 4: May 16th

17 05 2011

Dancing with the Stars… the final 4.

Always entertaining, always amazing to see how far each of them has come since the very beginning.

Can you believe, next week is the finale?!

Last night, the final 4 had 3 dances to learn – 2 performaces, and 1 winner takes all Cha Cha.

Hines had the misfortune of seeing his partner go ‘down’ this week. A fumble in practice lead to a very scary fall and neck injury that sent Kym to the hospital mid week. She was able to perform (probably in her contract) and they pulled off a fantastic evening… one for the ages. 2 PERFECT scores for Hines to lead the pack!

Chelsea mustve littered on Carrie Anns property- because the judge certainly isnt in her corner all the time. She has the physique, the stamina and the partner to be a contender, and last night she had two great dances (one slightly less great) and won the Winnner-Take-All Cha Cha for an extra 15 points…putting her at the top.

Ralph has apparantly gotten over his previous injury… nothing an injection or two wont cure. He has his limitations as a dancer, but he always puts on a good show. He had two very solid dances, but someon’s gotta be at the bottom, and going into the finals… it’s him. Funny how he started at the top, and has slowly fallen to the wayside. We may still see him in the finals… I wouldnt rule it out.

Kirsty has been a force to reckon with since day one. She is the most famous of the group, probably has the most real fans, and has a way of winning over audiences dispite inadequecies. Last night, she was fantastic yet again. She was graceful in her waltz and received very good scores overall.

It’s going to be tough to predict the finals. I feel like Hines is the front runner, and Chelsea has the scores to be in the running. Kirsty has a large following, and Ralph is a bit of a darkhorse contender.

Who will be the DWTS final 3?




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