American Idol Final 3: May 18

19 05 2011

They may not have been the American Idol Top 3 that most wouldve predicted to still see performing…but nonetheless, Lauren, Scotty and Haley took the stage last night for the last time before…the finale!

Last night was a big night. Each Idol sang 3 songs – their own selection, the producers selection, and the judges selection. Oh, and Beyonce was there to mentor (promote her new video)

Let’s start with Scotty:

We all know who Scotty is, he’s a bonafide country star in the making. He sang a little bit of Lonestar, Garth… nothing out of his comfort zone. He is locked into this genre, and doesnt need to sway. But I did find two of his songs were a bit lacklustre and verging on country-cruiseship.

Next, Lauren:

She also has a groove. The pop-country crossover groove. I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I can admit that the girl has a great voice…one that will translate well for friendly-radio songs (and isnt that the point?). She sang Faith Hill,Leanne  Womack (guess WHICH song…) and did well with all three songs. She had the best moment with her Hope You Dance but struggled with her first song. SO we shall see… I get the feeling, this girl has a lot of fans already.

And end with Haley:

Finally this girl has decided who she is… classic Rock meets soul. She absolutely KILLED a Zeppelin song last night (during which she had an almost catastrophic stair-trip…close call!) She also ended the night with an awesome Alanis song…that’s her groove. I think of all three contestants, Haley has the top vocal ability, and now that she has found a clearer direction… she has the potential to just keep slaying rock tunes.

So that’s it… up to ‘us’ now.


Who won the night in your opinion?




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