Bachelorette Premiere May 23rd

24 05 2011

Are we excited or sick of the Bachelor(ette) TV fans? I asked myself this question before the Premiere last night… because the problem is, once you START watching… you’re in for keeps. At least in my case. So I had to make the decision whether to watch or for-go this season…

Guess what I did…

Yep, I watched it. Did you? Please tell me I’m not the only one who got suckered in yet again!

Here are my initial thoughts:

Great group of guys. My issue with the Bachelor is that all the girls are either waitresses, part-time dancers, assistant store managers or ex-models. Theses are NOT jobs…sorry. However, ABC has assembled a group of successful, intelligent, entrepreneurial men for Ashley to choose from… which makes this easier (for me) to invest myself in.

Ashley is not goin got be my favourite person to ‘follow’ in this process. She is bubbly and over-exuberant … and she is already making dramatic poor decisions. I get the feeling she’s also going to cry alot.

So the big drama started 5 minutes into the show (that’s why we watch right?) – Apparantly Ashley has received news from a source that Bentley is tehre for the wrong reasons, to promote his business. In the real world, if a friend gives you taht tip… you stay clear of that person. In the real world, you would focus on the other ‘fish in the sea’ that ARE there for the right reasons, and say a quick goodbye to Bentley before you get your hear broken.

This is what a normal person would do in a normal scenario.

This is a TV show… therefore, instead of keeping around some potentially great guys… she kept Bentley. Will it come back to bite her? Absolutely. But she has no one to blame but herself (and the scandal-loving producers likely…)

My early favourites are Ryan (the entrepreneur, and the first impression rose recipient) and Ben from Cali (the winemaker).


Who else watched, and do you have any early favourites?




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