DWTS: Finale May 23rd

24 05 2011

The final 3 performed on the DWTS Finale show last night… and this one is going to be hard to predict!

Kirsty is a crowd pleaser, and arguably the most famous of the bunch. She had two solid dances last night, and was particularly brave in her freedance – wearing spandex and doing flips (or aerials as she says). For a woman of her age, and stature… that is quite an accomplishment! I’m not being rude, I’m being fair… this woman has overcome physical obstacles and puts on a great show, and great dancing every week.

Chelsea is built for this competition, but has lacked the fan support all the way through. She is young, vibrant, game for anything and has a great partner to take her to the end. She was at her best last night with two energetic dances. Her freestyle was a hip ‘lightshow’ that proved how hard she can attack every style of dance with precision. She’s obviously going for the young vote…if there is one.

Hines and his personality might just seal the deal. Not just his eprsonality, his dancing was unreal last night… he had the two dances of the night in my opinion. A smooth Frank Sinatra inspired quickstep, and a lift-heavy freestyle that wowed the audience and judges.

If the freestyle wins it… Hines should get the trophy. If popularity wins it, Kirsty is on top. If consistency wins, Chelsea takes the cake.


Who do you predict will win tonight?

I’m going to go out on a massive limb and say… Hines will win tonight.




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