American Idol Finale: May 24

25 05 2011

The performance finale of American Idol was live last night… along with every other finale on TV!

I expected (as I always expect from American Idol) a great show.

and it was…sort of.

Scotty started it off with his version of Gone, and Lauren opened with Flat on the Floor. Meh… they are both kind of the same song , no? Upbeat, sassy country tunes that each Idol could belt out and ‘show their personality’? Scotty had the better performance.

The second round was the slower country ballads/pop hybrids to show their versatility and softer sides. Lauren is ultimately better at that.

The third round was the ‘new’ song… that’s right, get used to these tunes…they will get radio play seconds after the winner is announced. Idol has not had a great track record for Original Singles… they usually have the words, Dream, Moment, or Fly in them and are meant to be inspiring. I often feel bad for the shmucks that have worked this hard, and have lofty ideals about their first single…and it’s a song about Rising Up or being In the Moment. Just a sad way to end it/begin it all.

Each performer had their own song (a much better decision by Idol brass) – but both were soupy songs with simple progression. Yah, they will be radio friendly… but they certainly are not the most orginal way to start a career.

So who won the night?

Remember, I was gong to keep my mind open and base my decision solely on last night’s peformances. So here’s my prediction. Lauren will win Idol tonight. But don’t cry Scotty fans, my secondary prediction is that Scotty will have the much larger career… even (and especially) as a non-winner.





One response

15 08 2011
justin holt

I have seen the finale episode of American Idol tv show. Now I am waiting for season 11. Do you guys have any idea when it will be aired online……..

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