DWTS: The Winner and the Finale

25 05 2011

Did you watch the 2 hour marathon finale of DWTS last night?

There were returning contestants, video pieces, extra dances (that meant nothing to the overall votes…just sayin) performances by B-list celebs, more dancing, more hard-work montages, more judges weighing in…

Then, about 1.5 hours through… we start to see some indication that there will be an elimination tonight.

The third place finisher: Chelsea (the least popular, the least famous, the least obstacles to face… )

The Second place finisher: Kirsty Alley ( who probably made it this far FOR her popularity, but has been impressive in the alst few weeks)

The winner of this seasons DWTS is… Hines Ward!

Continuing the tradition of Sports Stars turned phenom-dancers and winners of this show… Hines did not have the body or the finesse to be ‘a contender’ early on. But he was determined, and totally game to what it took to steal a show.

Congrats Hines!

Thoughts? Did the right person take home the prize?

Farewell to another great season of DWTS!




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