Bachelorette Monday: May 30th

31 05 2011

People ARE watching the Bachelorette.

Based on the results of my poll, and the high ratings… people ARE definitely watching this show.

So let’s all just accept it, and move forward.

Last night, Ashley went on her first date with the Watch Guy (c’mon, you don’t expect me to know their names yet!) – the most terrifying first date for any guy: Wedding shopping. Yep, they went to buy rings, cakes and ended up at the chapel. Weird. Obviously, Ashley isnt ‘planning’ these dates, but is this not the worst idea you’ve ever seen on this show?

It ended on a high note with dinner beside Vegas fountains and smooching. He got the rose.

The group date flew about a dozen guys to Vegas to compete in a jabberwocky-off. Each group performed for Ashley who got to show off her dancing skills (and midriff). The winning group stayed for the night and ‘performed; for an audience, while the losing group went back home.

Ashleys last one-one date was the flip of a coin between JP and Mickey. Mickey had luck on his side, and joined Ashley for dinner in Vegas. They flipped the coin alot…it was the theme of the evening obviously. He got the rose on a very lucky flip of the coin.

At the Rose ceremony – 3 guys we don’t know went home. All seemed bummed, as they should feel. This season’s villain and resident D-Bag Bentley is still around, the guy with the Mask is here for another week, and a handful of other guys not really worth her time.

Ashley has her pick of really decent guys though – and considering how fast she is moving… I have no doubt she will be in a really serious relatinship(or two) in no time.




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