The Bachelorette: June 6th

7 06 2011

Kind of a rough day/night for Ashley on The Bachelorette last night.

but you know what will be an even rougher day/night? When she watches the footage back…

By now, we all know what a slimball Bentley is, and we were all just waiting for the axe to fall. Last night, Bentely was up to his old tricks – wooing Ashley, and cutting her to shreds in the interviews. He was even more unlovable last night, which gave me a bit of a shake… this guy is an actor. I’m sorry, they would not put someone on the show that didnt go through rigorous casting and interviews before hand. And, as soon as he started saying he wasnt ‘into’ Ashley – Producers couldve easily jumped on the situation and ended it…for Ashleys sake. Drama people,drama. Can’t write this stuff…or can you?

Ok…so a bunch of other things happened last night, besides the Bentely thing.

1. The Masked-man was revealed. Anti-climatic… He’s normal looking. Shocker.

2. Ashley organzied  just your  average first date – a flashmob. Typical.

3. A roast went seriously sour… let’s talk about this a bit more.
The producers organized a ‘Roast’ of Ashley – I don’t care how self assured you think you are – 8 guys making fun of your breasts and your career is just plain hurtful. No matter what. The biggest ‘blow to the ego’ came from William (an aspiring stand up comedian… dont quit your day job) who played on Ashleys insecurities and went for the juggular. “I was expecting Emily or Chantelle…then I saw it was Ashley”. OUch.

William decided to go back to the Bachelor mansion… in fact, he ran there.

Then there was the close to 30 minute Bentely departure. It was hard to watch Ashley get so broken up and depressed about a guy she knew was a bad apple from the start. Did she really think he was her knight in shining armor? Over the other 25 guys…really? The man’s got good hair…but that’s not enough to cry over. It was painful. Eat some ice cream, and get back to it girl!

JP had the good fortune of being the next one on one…He came thorugh in a big way. He brought flowers, they got ‘comfy’ and had dinner. I love his assertiveness too “I will ask about the issue, make sure  she’s ok, and then we will move on with the night”. Real man…I love it.

So no surprise that Ashley wasnt in the mood for a Cocktail party – on to the Rose ceremony:

The newly unmasked man didnt get the Rose, along with another dark haired guy I couldnt pick out in a crowd. I guess the big “shocker” was that William stayed… but I’d take him over masked man any day.


Did you feel bad for Ashley, or did she get what was coming to her by falling for the ‘bad guy’?




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7 06 2011

She got what she deserved, honestly. I hate to see people get hurt when it comes to love and relationships (cuz I’ve been there, trust me). But she was nuts to keep Bentley around. She was warned about Bentley from the start. Whether what was said about him was true or not doesn’t even matter. Bentley was up to no good regardless. The things he said behind her back were soooo disrespectful (made me wonder if ABC paid him a little extra to act so foolish and arrogant).

And she’s so stuck on him! I mean…did she really think Bentley was supposed to be her husband? REALLY? She gave up a good cocktail party for him. She’s soooo naive. She doesn’t even realize that Bentley is not worth the trouble. I’m starting to think ABC paid her to act extra stupid. I’m like…she didn’t see through that man’s act? Come ON! Oh well. If she was really into Bentley, I guess she’ll find out how much of pig he was (and probably still is) once she watches the show, won’t she? Poor child. I wish both those clowns well.

Honestly, I think that if he did stay, Ashley would’ve eventually come to know him for the trash that he is. She can’t possibly be that stupid…I mean…say it ain’t so! I would’ve LOVE to see her bust his fake little bubble! All he wanted was to win. Sending him home would’ve been enough to kill that ego of his!

I know I’m writing a lot but I can’t sleep and I just finished catching up on the Bachelorette on HULU, LOL! I’m not done venting yet!

Bentley will NEVER find anything more than booty calls with that childish, immature personality he has. He doesn’t deserve Emily or Ashley or any woman, for that matter. Not until he grows up entirely and stops acting like such a prick. Ashley won’t find true love until she takes those blinders off and REALLY opens her eyes to see what she’s dealing with. And she’s got to have some self-respect. If she even suspects a man is with her for the wrong reasons, I know she probably wanted to discover the truth for herself..but still. She should’ve addressed the issue from the beginning! Then, if she decided to keep him around, she needed to be THAT much more vigilant, THAT much more careful when dealing with him. She would’ve discovered how much of a loser he was and by the end of episode one, he would’ve been ghost.


8 06 2011
C Sheppard

Nice venting – love it! That’s why we watch this show… 🙂
Thanks for stopping in and giving us your two cents!

8 06 2011
Christina Mulroy

I’m kind of annoyed that she has a roast then gets mad.. when she said she could handle it. DRAMA. OMG!

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