AGT: June 7

8 06 2011

America’s Got Talent is in full swing after last night’s episode- auditions reached Seattle and  favourites are already starting to crop up.

Along with the good,  comes the bad… that’s why we watch this show. Am I right? At least in the audition stages.

We live to watch acts like the child star from Costa Rica gyrating with campy latin flavour. He’s crazy, but he made it through (apparantly Vegas is running a promotion thorugh AGT… giving away free tickets a heck of a lot this year, for a heck of a lot less than last year). Put it this way, a man playing a paper horn was inches from going to Vegas… seriously.

The singing group ‘PopLife’ wasn’t a bad find – but every year, Piers tries to break up a band and make the lead singer make the ‘Sophies choice’ whether to stay with them or break out on their own. Tears, lots of tears. The band made it through…all of them.

Comedians generally have a rough go at this stage – you can’t guarantee a funny show. But a female impressionist and comedian killed it last night with impressions of Barbara Walters, Kathy Griffin (dead on!), Natalie Portman etc. Nailed them, can’t wait to see more from her!


What else did you enjoy last night? Any early favourites?




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