AGT: Wednesday June 8th

9 06 2011

On a new 2 hours of Americas Got Talent last night

I was pleasantly surprised at the talent. Of course, we saw alot of non-talent too…

My picks for best of the night were: The sword throwers, the kid-dancer, the Gaga boy, Russian Bar gymnastics,the Bieber-girl,the vocal parrot, and the Ave Maria singer.

Some great characters and faces getting through, although i wouldnt say there is one clear frontrunner at this point. A few more jaw dropping moments last night…but overall, less impressive than last year. In my opinion. Although, the Russian Bar and the singing Parrot were pretty close to dropping my jaw. Seriously, what’s with the talented Parrots coming out of the woodworks this year? I can’t wait for them to battle it out in Vegas… Parrot vs Parrot.


What act got your attention last night? Any early favourites?

There are still a few more stops on the audition tour… what havent we seen yet? I get the feeling, there will be at least one YouTube moment left… you know what I mean. One person will WOW us instantly go viral on youtube. It happens with the British version, and recently, the Korean version…it’ll defintely happen for someone in the American installation.




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