SYTYCD: Top 20 June 9th

10 06 2011

The Top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance was revealed in an all-new format…and I’m loving it!

enough with the taped shows – get to the reason why we all tune in – great live dance performances.

So last night, the Top 20 was showcased with a mixture of pre-taped drama, and group dances. A genius decision by Nigel (or whomeveer make sthose decisions!)

We saw a Hip Hop number featuring the 4 hip hop dancers this season, we saw a beautiful contemporary, an edgy jazz routine, a ballroom solo act and a broadway/tap number with charisma.

The dancers are strong this season, that’s for sure…they are strong every season. But it’s great to see a Top 20 again (the all-stars will return for Top 10 FYI) and warms my heart to start seeing familiar choreographer faces in the crowd  (Stacey Tucci -Canadian! ) it was a brilliant kick off to a season with potential!


Likes the new format? Any early stand outs?




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