The Tony Awards 2011

13 06 2011

Yes, I was watching the Tony Awards instead of the NBA finals last night.

Don’t judge.

It was the hottest ticket in town last night – hosted by the perrennial-professional-host and child-star-turned-song-and-dance man: Neil Patrick Harris.

There was alot of song and dance,  alot of Angela Landsbury lovin’, alot of tears gushing, dreams realized, War Horse sighitngs, Spiderman Bashing, Bono cringing, unrehearsed (rehearsed) speeches, and dancing airline attendants.

See what you missed?

It was fabulous – NPH killed the opening number with a toungue in cheek reference to the night being ‘Gay’ – it was appropriate, funny and theatrical (take some notes Tracey Morgan…gay jokes CAN be in jest, and taken with a chuckle) You know who also killed the opneing? Rather murdered it…Brooke Shields. She tries so darn hard doesnt she? But she copletely flubbed her ‘ad lib’ twice…and gave up, grabbing her notes to finally save her.

Great to see Angela Landsbury (the legend…), Not sure why Al Pacino is looking more and more like a head-band wearing jungle vigilant, and I assume that the full grizzly beards on Alec Baldwin and Robin Williams are…”for a role”, Whoopi never disappoints with her fashion sensabilities, and is it just me…or does Daniel Radcliffe never look older than 13?

There were some big winners: How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, Book of Mormon, The Normal Heart and Catch Me if You Can did well.

One of the dullest performaces of the evening was the Spiderman preview. I mean, so much hype, so much press, so much potential investors and theatre goers in the crowd and watching on TV… I wanna see some flying!

My favourites of the night were Catch Me if You Can, How to Suceed, and Sister Act – all brought the house down.

The Book of Mormon ended up walking away with the most hardware – which means we’ll probably never hear about it again until it becomes a ‘Revival’.


What did you think of the awards? Best performances, Worst performances…?




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