Bachelorette Monday: June 13

14 06 2011

Monday nights are starting to get interesting on The Bachelorette.

That’s right, I didnt find the Bentley storyline interesting, nor did I find the William is a D-bag storyline interesting…what I DO find interesting is when certain guys start to rise to the top – and you start to see the potential.

Last night – Ashley spent ALOT of time kavetching about her broken heart and Bentely leaving. I’ve been over this – she knew the guy was not on the up and up from the start – and she only really had 5 conversations with him. This girl is in for some trouble if she falls THAT hard for someone after that short amount of time. Just sayin…I know girls like that, it aint pretty.

On last night’s show – the guys ans Ashley went on their first field trip…to Thailand. Cue the classic Bachelor(ette) line “The perfect place to fall in love”.

Constantine got the first one-on-one – and as beautiful as Thailand is said to be…it sure rains alot! So their planned date was canned, and they spent the day traversing through the streets of Pukhet – talking to locals about love. sigh…i’m not going to start. Constantine seems nice – I actually agreed with Ashley that he gave off a bit of a ‘just friends’ vibe… but he got the rose anyways.

The group date was a mission trip to help at a local orphanage (compeltely planned by kind-hearted Ashley). One thing that really bothered me was the way Ashley was acting throughout the date. “No one is flirtng with me, everyone is so focused on working’ ‘people seem stand off-ish” – yes, they are doing a public service, not putting you on a pedastal like they always do. It was, in my mind, extremely attractive to see the guys work on something good for a change…no fake soap operas, no photoshoots, no hottubs…

I was impressed with JP and Ben F – they both took the day in stride and really got into it without being annoying. Like Ryan…that guy is definitely annoying. Once the work was done, and Ashley finally got the boys to herself in a bikini, Ben F got the Rose.

The final one on one date was with Ames. Someone I was not instantly attracted to, i’ll admit. But his life experience and open minded personality was really really attractive to me…and Ashley. This is a guy who is well traveled, well educated, well informed, well put together… a great guy. He got a rose.

At the Rose ceremony, Ashley got to ‘break a rule’ and only send home one guy. That guy was West, the one with the dead wife. Ouch. I guess Ashley didnt want to get into a situation THAT heavy…understandable, but not exactly noble.


I’ve chosen my early favourites (Ben F and JP) who are yours?




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