SYTYCD: Top 20 June 15

16 06 2011

Time to get this season of SYTYCD started!

Last week was a gimmie (and a great way to reveal the top 20!) this week, the competition begins

On the judging panel… the familiar faces of Nigel and Mary, with a head-scratching addition: Megan Mulally …?
Apparantley she used to dance (the proof is in an old picture of her in a TuTu in her prepubescent years) seems like an odd choice, but she has the stage presence to hold her own…

First dance of the night was an Afro-Jazz piece by Jordan (sexy jazz dancer) and Tadd (B-Boy). Strong, good way to kick off the show,but knowing the strength of contestants to come… not sure it was the most memorable.

2. Ryan and Ricky in a Lyrical Hip Hop – again, it was ‘good’, and I think this pair could go on and be very strong in weeks to come…but I’m not sure this was a stand out.

3. Clarice and Jess hit the floor with a Broadway number….wight up Jess’ alley! He was fantastic, showing off the Gene Kelly in his blood. Clarice was good, but hard to compare to the master she had as a partner. She will likely be stronger in  dances that will let her shine and show off in her genre.

4. Iveta and Nick is a GREAT pairing. She is a fabulous ballroom dancer with credentials out the wazoo. Nick is energetic, hardworking and looks like he will be able to master anything. A tap dancer stole the show last night with their quickstep. Here is a guy who will be out of his element in EVERY dance this season…an uphill climb, but I’m excited to watch it!

5. Sasha and Alexander are also a great pairing… both are strong dancers technically, and Sasha adds an element of raw emotion and fire. Nigel kept talking about teh ‘beasts’ int he girls group…and Sasha is truly one of them. Alexander needs to step it up emotionally, else he will quickly get overshadowed by the larger personalities  (that means death in this competition).

6. Miranda and Robert – speaking of larger perosnalities… Robert took the Steve Urkel persona to a new level in their jive! He is going to be a fan favourite for sure, but even I as a non-dancer and lowly observer could spot his technical flaws. Let’s hope personality isnt the ONLY thing people vote for.

7. Ashley and Chris are also going to be an interesting pair to watch. They both KILLED a Hip Hop number last night, and Ashley is a ballet dancer! I can’t wait to see her in other genres, I have a feeling she is also…a beast. Chris could actually have stepped it up a bit, he was in his element…but Ashley outshined him.

8. Mitchell and Caitlyn – progarmming not, Mitchell was injured last night and Robert from Season 7 stepped into his role. So I had to watch ONLY Caitlyn…and she was great. A very strong dancer with great technique. It will not be because of talent that she goes home…but the lack of partner…might be a thorn in her side this week.

9. Missi and Wadi are a very solid pair, both have sex-appeal, both are strong dancer, both have charisma. They took on a jazz number that also showcased Wadi’s unique street style, and Missi’s vixen persona. An exciting dance, alot of leather, and alot of Gaga.

10. Last but not least, the dance of the night award goes to Melanie and Marko. What a fantastic pairing, and what a fantastic piece to highlight their talents. Travis Wall is quickly filling the shoes of contemporary choreographer extraordinaire Mia Michaels. His dances always tell a beautiful story;  this time about two statues coming to life and becoming one. fabulous, now these dancers need to ride their high as far as it takes them.


WHo is going home tonight? Who were your favourites of the night?




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8 07 2011

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