The Bachelorette: Monday June 20

21 06 2011

The TV install was complete JUST in time for The Bachelorette last night.


So last night, if you weren’t already SICK and TIRED to DEATH of hearing about Bentley… it was another rough night.

The first date, was with Ben (the winemaker with the scruffy hair) – one of my early favourites. They traversed through the the local markets, painting fans, interacting with the locals, buying cultural food and wares. Like a normal everyday date. The chemistry is palapable, particularly when they were sitting infront of a holy temple and forbidden to kiss. Tension. Don’t worry, lots of kissng came later during dinner. Needless to say, he got a rose.

The group date was controversial – or at least thats how the producers decided to play it. The men were pitted against eachother in Mui Tai Boxing (by the way, I’ve taken Mui Tai boxing classes…and I’ve never gottena black eye…just sayin. Producers could make Yoga a danger sport) in the process, Ames not only picked the pink shorts, but was brutally beaten up in his round. He left for the hospital, and was back just a little woozy at the cocktail party. Make love not war!

The last date was the dreaded 2 on 1 date…and the players? William (the roaster) and Ben (the other one). William decided to pull out yet another Jerk Card and ‘tattle’ on Ben, saying that he talks alot of game about going back home. Ashley took swift action and ousted Ben. William assumed he had it made, and was teh benficiary of a one-on-one date due to his shrewd move. Not so. William ALSO got the boot without a rose. Ouch!

Before the Rose cermoneyBentley comes up again. Ashley confides in Chris, saying that she can’t really get over him in her head. She needs ‘closure’. She needs to talk to him. She needs another cry in his arms.

If the producers think they can milk this storyline, they will…it’s in his contract. He’ll be back whether he wants to or not. So next week in Hong Kong, you are going to see his mug back on the tube.

At the Rose cermoney, The blond surfer dude went home without a rose.


The drama continues next week, are you sick of Bentley being the theme of this season?




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