SYTYCD: Top 20

23 06 2011

The Top 20 perfromed (again) last night on SYTYCD – and I remembered why I love this show so much.

The variety.

Last night we saw the Cha-Cha, Jazz, Bollywood, Contemporary, Hip Hop…. we ran the gammot dance after dance.

Also, Nigel seems to be taking a page out of the American Idol playbook circa 2006 – when guest judges were the ‘in’ thing. This week he had living legend Debbie Reynolds in the third seat. I guess you could say, she was in the most prolific dance movie of all time: Singin’ in the Rain – she’s at least a better match than Megan Mulally (or are they just taking cast members from Will and Grace…?)

at any rate – it’s such a great show, and theses dancers are dancing their TAILS off this season…and it’s only the second show.

1. Ricky and Ryan start it off with a Mandy Moore ‘Sexy Dance’. It’s a bit awkward, and maybe not my favourite style of dance – but there is no question these two are contenders.

2. Next, Stacey Tucci gves her subtle choreography to Caitlyn and Mitchell (back from injury). It was great to finally see the pair together, they had obvious chemistry and do not deserve to be in the bottom this week.

3. Missi and Wadi had a tough time with the Cha-Cha. Wadi in particular was struggling all the way through, and as much as the judges praised Missi’s performance, I didn’t see much to rave about. The style was just NOT in their wheelhouses, I expect to see them in the bottom this week.

4. Robert and Miranda took on a Woodpecker routine. We all know bird pieces tend to be memorable (i.e the hummingbird) This was a less literal interpretation, but the movements were spot on, and the dancers fully embraced the story. Not as memorable as the hummingbird, but very strong.

5. Jess and Clarice are one of favourte pairs because they are such little dynamos. Jess with the big personality and Clarice with the beautiful technique and versatility. They took on another great Stacey Tucci routine (holy workaholic!) and nailed it with the judges.

6. Another one of my favourite pairs, Melanie and Marko tackled a Mandy Moore routine (whats with the choreographers pulling double duty… give some fresh blood a chance!) It was very strong, they are very strong…the dance however was not my favourite. They wont be in any trouble.

7. Sasha and Alexander are ANOTHER favourite of mine (don’t judge, there’s no rule!) and they were fantastic in a lyrical Hip Hop routine (is that a new dance this season?Seems to be popping up everywhere…) I love them, they should be around for awhile!

8. Jordan and Tadd danced Viennese waltz to a David Cook song. Odd. Off-putting. But eh dance was beautiful, and it’s always fun to watch a B-Boy embrace the competition and go beyond his assumed potential.

9. So a tapper and a ballroom expert pair up to take on Bollywood. That’s the kind of variety you get on this show. The very nature of Bollywood is thrilling – the music, the drama, the costumes, the movements, the makeup. It’s a show, and they definitely put one on tonight. Sure, the technique wasnt perfect, but it’s week 2 people!

10. The final dance of the night was Ashley and Chris in a sexy jailhouse routine. The movements were crsip and dramatic, and overall the performance was a hit. Infact, they are the first couple to make it onto the Hot Tamale train. They should get a plaque.




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