SYTYCD: Top 20 Results

24 06 2011

The Top 20 finally got cut last night in the SYTYCD eliminations.

I feel like this was unnecessary. If Nigel had made the decision to cut 2 dancers last week, it wouldnt have hurt so much THIS week to lose 4 dancers. It’s the band-aid theory – rip it off fast, it wont hurt for as long.

Last night, 6 great dancers landed in the bottom and danced for their life. Only 2 out fo the 6 would be saved.

The girls: Ryan, Missi and Iveta

The guys: Ricki, Nick and Wadi

Who was saved by the judges?

Ryan and Ricki.

So that means we lose a tapper, our only ballroom dancer, a b-boy with potential and a strong jazz dancer.

That stings.


Was this the right decision, or should Nigel stop making ‘freebie’ weeks only to double the elimination in weeks to come?



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